Courtesy of KochFoto

Courtesy of KochFoto

Hi, I'm Nazhin

I am a UX-certified User Experience Designer and Qualitative Researcher based in Washington DC with over 12 years experience designing user interfaces for various clientele. For the past 6 years, I’ve focused on user research — conducting user interviews, developing user personas and creating wireframes — for digital projects.

What’s important to me about digital experiences?
Making digital experiences seamless by removing visual clutter and alleviating pain points for all types of users

What I bring to the table?
Expertise in graphic design, branding, website content and UX

What are some industries I’ve worked in?
Entertainment, Government, Startup, Higher Education, Non-profit, Associations

What I'm doing now?
Improving web experiences for member-based organizations through my work with Brightfind

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

My Contributions:

  • Concise – I am clear about what I will contribute and what contributions I need from others

  • Definitive – I define action items and when I expect to meet them

  • Inclusive – I strive to gain perspectives from all angles by continuing to ask many questions

  • Approachable – I bring a positive outlook and reinforcement

  • Resourceful – I follow the “teach a man to fish” logic to empower my peers

Prioritizing Website Content Using a Feature Value Matrix (6:01 min)

How to prioritize the tasks performed by different user personas, even when the tasks may have a different levels of importance level among them.