Courtesy of KochFoto

Courtesy of KochFoto

Hi, I'm Nazhin

I am a UX-certified visual designer based in Washington DC with over 10 years experience designing websites for various types of clients. I’ve been implementing UX research strategies—researching target markets, creating user personas and user stories, annotating wireframes—for digital projects since 2013.

What’s important to me about digital experiences?
Getting through the visual clutter and making digital experiences seamless and pain-free for all types of users

What I bring to the table?
10+ years experience in graphic design, branding, website content and UX

What are some industries I’ve worked in?
Entertainment, Government, Startup, Higher Education, Nonprofit

What I'm doing now?
I currently focus on nonprofits and associations through my work with Brightfind

    UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

    My contributions/offerings:

    • concise – I am clear about what I will contribute and what contributions I need from other people (and from who) 
    • definitive – I define action items and when I expect to meet them 
    • inclusive – I strive to gain perspective from all angles/people, so I ask many questions 
    • resourceful – I follow the “teach a man to fish” logic, so team members/clients/ colleagues/partners will feel empowered 
    • approachable – I bring a positive outlook and reinforcement